Thursday, August 28, 2008

Snaps and Clanks

During the last few days before school starts, My Dearest and I are trying to organize our basement and get rid of those items we haven't used in a LONG time. I guess it's our version of Spring Cleaning, but called, "End of Summer Cleaning."

We are also preparing for my sister and her family to visit with a possible stay at our house so we're re-organizing the Classroom, which doubles as a guest room, as well.

Yup, it's a good ol' End of Summer Cleaning session at our house. We are getting quite a bit done, too; the "Donate" pile is growing and the "Toss" pile is... well, let's just say that I'm very thankful that our trash day just passed! We live in a small-ish house and we put a sizable amount of trash by the side of the road this past trash day.

As we're going through boxes of items we've moved from apartment to apartment to house, I realize I'm not nearly as sentimental as I think I've been in the past. When my boys were younger, I felt that I wanted to keep some of their clothes FOREVER, or at least until the grandkids arrive (yes, I realize that I'll be waiting for quite a few years, thank you!). Now, I'm in purge mode. My rationale at this point is that I've probably taken pictures of my boys in the so cute/just darling/cute-as-a-button shirt/pants/sleeper/outfit in an adorable/serious/funny/silly pose so I don't need to keep the actual outfit.

Since my sister has a little boy, I picked items that would probably fit him and put them in the wash so they'll be ready for my sister to look through during their visit this weekend. As I listen to the dryer, I realize it's been a very long time since I've heard the onesie snaps and adorable little boy overall fasteners clanking around in my dryer. When else can you wash nearly an entire wardrobe and perhaps even fit the bedding into one wash load?

What are you doing with these last few days before school starts?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Can't Wait!!

Only three and a half weeks!