Saturday, June 24, 2006

Happy Birthday, Ethan!!

We celebrated his birthday early, though this posting is late! He had a party with friends from school. He hasn't had a party with friends since he turned 1! It was nice to have his friends over & VERY entertaining, both for the children & for the adults! :-) We had a nice turnout from the total of 13 kids in his class.

Here is his cake - he requested homemade banana with this specific picture on it. Ethan drew out his design & Brian decorated it.

Here he is waiting for his friends to come!

Jonathon, Ethan & Daniela listen to ...

Gram-Gram talk about toys she had when she was young.
Alisha is on the other side of her.

Here are Kristen, Isaac, & Brian enjoying hot dogs, strawberries,blueberries, & chips; menu picked by Ethan.

Jonathon waiting patiently as Ethan looks outside wondering, "Is it time to go play games yet?!"


Isaac, Daniela, Alisha & Kristen enjoying time on the "big toy" as it
is called at our house. Seeing all of them on it now makes me
realize just how fast the kids are growing up and
the "big toy" isn't so big anymore!

Jonathon & Ethan playing in the "turtle-that-once-held-sand-but-held-water-and water-balloons-for-the-party." Is that a long name or what!

Will the boys or girls win? How fast can they fill a 2 L bottle with
water from a sponge? Do 6 year olds know how to cooperate and follow
directions? Not so much! They did have fun and
enjoyed getting their feet inadvertantly wet!

Let's try some more!!

Okay, enough of that -- I forgot to take pics of the water-balloon toss,
or should I say, all-out water-ballon fight! Soooooo.....

Let's move onto cake!

Here are Jessiann, Ethan, & Daniela sitting next to
Ethan. Candles lit, blown-out, sitting happily, and waiting for cake & ice cream!

A little sugar never hurt anyone! See what kind of smile some sugar does? Of course those that know me know this "sugar-thing" is a rare occurance in our house! The Sugar-Nazi let up for his birthday. ;-)

After presents were opened, they gathered around for a group photo. Top row, from left to right: Jessiann, Daniela, Alisha, & Kristen. Bottom row, from left to right: Jonathon, Ethan, Brandon.

Happy Birthday, Ethan!

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