Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Isn't today Tuesday?!

Apparently this whole "Manic Monday" idea doesn't stop on Mondays. I thought today being Tuesday would be a bit of a better day. I don't know where the idea comes from, I feel like I've had 2 weeks of Mondays. At least I'm not reliving the same day over and over, although at times I feel like that's happening too. That, my friends, is a topic for another day.

I was on the phone with my sister this morning when I spied Isaac walk past my bedroom door into his room. I should clarify, he didn't just "walk." He was hunched over and had one of his hands tucked under his shirt. *sigh. So much for Tuesday.

When I asked him what he was doing he replied, "Nothing." He pulls his hand out from under his shirt and his little fist is filled with.... PEPPERONI!!! He scampered down the hallway and puts it away and comes back with a "grin."

You parents know "the grin" I mean. It's the grin that says, "I'm not obeying, but I really don't think you noticed!" Does he really think that I won't notice when he's hunched over, hiding a hand, and giving me "the grin?"

My sister heard my shrill "PEPPERONI!!" and just laughed and laughed and laughed. Is she laughing at my son's antics? Can she see what's going on here through the phone? Or is she laughing at my hopelessness as a parent? Why not all three?

Perhaps tomorrow will be a "not-Monday." Perhaps the rest of today will turn into a "not-Monday." I am still hopeful.

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