Thursday, February 15, 2007

Phone Conversations... in Two Different Languages

Since I've been injured, my Grandmother (who speaks very little English) called me today to see how I was holding up while teaching, cooking, cleaning, and basically being a Mom. She heard the boys chatting in the background and asked to speak with them.

Now, my boys don't speak any Korean, except perhaps food items or I love you or yes and no. My grandmother says limited phrases in English like "I love you" and if she hears you say, "hungry" it's over; the food starts to magically appear. Back to the phone - how could I say no to my grandma?

I handed the phone to Ethan first - here's what I heard: "Hello?"
"I love you too, wong-halmoni."
"What? Isaac, she wants to talk to you now."

Here's what I heard from Isaac's mouth: "Hi! Are you doing anything special today?"
"Mom is teaching us how to make chocolate chip cookies today, wong-halamoni!" - not a typo, that's the way he pronounces it.
"Ethan and I are going to go outside to play after we make cookies."
"I think we're going to get some ice cream with our warm-ooey-gooey cookies!"
"I love you, wong-halamoni!!"

After this, I got the phone back and my grandmother says to me, "I wish I could understand what the boys were saying, even just a little bit!"

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