Thursday, February 07, 2008

We've moved!

We saw the smallest one come and peek into our room and home very early this morning. He peeked and left quickly.

About two hours later, we saw the biggest one enter our room. We noticed that we couldn't swim as freely as we once did only hours earlier. The biggest one peered into our home and moved our filtration system out of our home. He also cleared off the flat surface that has four sticks that touch the floor where the two smaller ones do something with paper, plain and colored sticks of sorts, and bound paper. This is where he put the things he took out of our home. What's going on?

After the biggest one cleared surfaces and moved things out of our home, the world started shaking and moving and we could see things that we hadn't noticed before. The next thing we knew, we were put upon a slightly squishly surface in a room with squares on the floor, a cabinet, a huge floor to almost ceiling length cloth, and a looming white stool or chair of sorts.

We saw the long-haired one go into our previous room and she used this large barrel-shaped thing on wheels with a long hose, which she moved across the carpet. It was very noisy. The biggest one was no where to be seen. After awhile, the smaller ones looked at us and they seemed confused and groggy. It seemed we were in a room we weren't supposed to be in.

The noise died down and all four of them came into our view. The biggest one lowered a large vessel into our home and tried to catch us. We eluded the vessel and the bigger one by separating and swimming away as best as we could, though our water level was down to 3 inches now. He caught two of us, then the other three and put us into a smaller home with not nearly enough room. As we adapted to our new home, we realized that gravel was raining down into our home! We dodged the gravel as best we could.

Our much smaller house started shaking again and we were set upon a blue surface in a room with a large water source and shiny receptacle; a big surface, out of the top which fire leapt and the front had a large door with shelves inside; and we could see the biggest one and the two smaller ones eating something, but they didn't eat right out of the water like we do. Nor did they eat while they played or chased each other around the room. They ate out of these concave shaped things with shiny things in their fins, but they didn't really look like our fins.

After relaxing most of the day and adapting to our much smaller home, the biggest one took us through a door and boy, was it cold! We went to a building nearby and are now in a house that is much larger and we have more friends here. We hope the furry, barking thing on four legs and the furry, slinking thing that looks at us won't disturb us, but the thing that levitates around the room makes us very nervous.

Please don't send any house-warming gifts. Our home is well stocked. We hope to see the biggest one, the long-haired one, and the two smaller ones soon.