Saturday, May 06, 2006

Roush Racing Day

As I was heading out to pick up Ethan up from school on Wednesday, I received a phone call from my dear hubby asking if I wanted to bring the boys out to Roush after picking up Ethan from school as they were having an "Open House" type of event. "Oh, sure... Summer's almost here! There are only 22 more days of school left!" I said.

There were a couple of the race cars on display, a race car simulator, the car museum was open, and other things any NASCAR fanatic would enjoy. (We are not fanatics... we enjoy the fact that others enjoy it and his employment through this company provides housing, sustenance, transportation, etc. for our family) :-)

Below is Brian in the race car simulator, racing away, while Ethan watches....

Below, I am getting into the simulator...

Below is a Ford Cobra - one of two in the car museum.

Below is Isaac - posing next to the DeWalt car.

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