Friday, September 15, 2006

The End of the Third Week

Ah, how awesome this is! We've completed our third week and things are going along just swimmingly! We've sped ahead in Phonics, Reading, & Math. Cursive seems to elude him a bit.

Sometimes Ethan says, "Mom? I think Homeschooling is boring..." I respond neutrally with, "Oh, really? Is cursive really that hard?" With all seriousness, he responds, "Yes, Mom. School would be better than homeschool." I can't help but point out, "Do you like being done with school by lunchtime? If you were in school, you'd still be there and cursive would still be there!" To which he says, "Oh, yeah! I forgot. I guess as long as I can be done with cursive soon." Precious moments, indeed.

Isaac is learning his phonics sounds. Due to his lost tooth, his pronunciation is somewhat creative on certain letters and sounds. Being at home has really helped with his pronunciation ~ he's able to watch my mouth form the sounds and he's better able to pronounce the sounds correctly. Yay!

Last Sunday, at church several people asked me how this homeschooling was going; knowing what my attitude was before I started, they were keen to know what my feelings were now that I was in the midst of it. Well, I can clearly say that it is the best decision we've ever made for our family! I know there are skeptics out there just lurking on my blog. I won't even say that homeschooling is for everyone, but it is for us. At least.... for now. :-)

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