Saturday, September 16, 2006

Get Your Groove On

I feel like I've found my groove. Generally, I'm not an extremely organized person. I need some sort of outside motivator to organize myself & household, sadly. Homeschooling has put us on a "schedule" of sorts which has helped our family function; immensely, dare I say. This concept of "menu-planning" I thought was for the birds! Well, I am alive and well to report that I now partake in this crazy concept. I've heard rumors that it makes lives so much easier. Consider the rumor confirmed! It's so much easier than scrambling around in a mad-dash at 4:30 every afternoon wondering, "What's easy, nutritious, thawed and can be consumed when my Dearest comes home from work in 1 hour?" To the delight (or is it dismay?) of my children, this erratic behavior has, for the most part, ceased.

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