Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gifts for Others, Part II

We all had a grand time last Saturday! I know, I know, it's Wednesday. I'm blogging now.

I took Isaac and Dearest took Ethan. Isaac took to shopping like a fish to water. Should I be worried? Isaac had great fun looking for gifts for Ethan. He picked up one item and declared it to be perfect. Then, he spotted another "perfect" gift. I gently reminded him that he could only pick one "perfect" gift. He debated between the two and put the first one down. We repeated this several times, until he found the perfect, perfect one.

Then, it was time to pick a gift for Dad. He picked one up and didn't change his mind. Not once! I had to laugh as I didn't coach him on what to get, but reminded him that he could only get one gift.

Dearest took Ethan and they had fun picking out a birthday gift for Isaac. Much of the same, except it seems Ethan wanted to get Isaac a pink something. Dearest did coach him a bit and persuade him to get a different colored thing. Can't wait to see what it is!

Dearest asked me later if I had coached for his gift. I laughed heartily and told him, "No." He had a great chuckle and told me he didn't coach either.

I can't wait for Isaac's birthday and Christmas!

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