Friday, December 01, 2006

Gifts for Others

Well, it's December 1st! The countdown begins to Isaac's birthday and Christmas. About this time of year, Isaac starts to mention things he would like for his birthday. Actually, it starts in January, but it intensifies in early December. Besides, it's crunch time, 4th and long, and NOW it matters.

Inevitably, at the birthday party, Ethan gets jealous and wants to take over Isaac's gifts, oh, about 2 seconds after the wrapping paper is pried off of the gift.
My Dearest has been talking to Ethan about this and is encouraging him to let Isaac enjoy his presents and his party. In addition to this, I think it would help if they actually got something for each other, instead of just receiving from us (& the bazillion relatives who bless us with gifts for them!) this year. Yeah, I know.... where have I been and why haven't we been doing this all along.... Okay, stop heckling, it starts this year!

I was inspired by Owlhaven's blog post about gift-giving in her family. I LOVE HER IDEA! So much so that we're doing it this year and we're starting with Ethan buying a birthday gift for Isaac. One of us is going tomorrow with Ethan so we'll see how it goes. Wish us well!

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owlhaven said...

I'm so glad you like this idea! it works great for us.