Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Remembering Day

Here's a tidbit I missed on Memorial Day: a conversation between Isaac and my Dearest with an interjection from my brother, Jason.

Isaac: What day is today?
Dearest: Today is Monday.

I: You aren't at work today. Do you have to work today?
D: No, today is a holiday.

I: What holiday?
D: Today is Memorial Day.

I: What does Memorial mean?
D: It means remembering.

I: It's a remembering holiday?
D: That's right.

I: What do we remember?
D: Today is the day we remember our military and soldiers and how they have served our country and protect us.

>>Interjection by Jason: No, soldiers are in the Army. Marines are Marines. The Navy has sailors. Collectively, they are our troops. (Sidenote: I just realized he left out the Air Force.)

D: Did you hear Uncle Jason? Our troops, not just soldiers.
I: Oh. So, it's a Remembering Day.

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