Sunday, June 03, 2007

This June

It's June. Yes, it's been June for a few days now. It is the start of a somewhat busy month. Here's a peek of what this month holds for us:
  • Finish school - we're looking to finish a few days before Ethan's birthday. This is what happens when you take, ahem, *a few* extra days off in December.
  • Open Houses galore for high school graduates
  • Ground-breaking Anniversary for our church (building is due to be finished in October)
  • End of the Year Homeschool Picnic
  • Order curricula for next year
  • Ethan's birthday is this month. With gifts, he's fairly easy-going. He isn't one of those, "I want it all!" kids. At the same time, I kind-of wish he was only because it's hard to tell relatives what he would like for his birthday if he only comes up with one item! So far, it's The King from Cars.
  • My birthday is this month, too!
So there are not as many items as I thought. I think it just seems like there are so many more items because we're not done with school yet.

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