Tuesday, July 03, 2007

You the Man

My Dearest and I were talking the other night about some random things like what the boys were doing or what they said when. We were also delving into some deeper topics like what your view on Creation says about your theology (our current Sunday School topic).

During this conversation, he casually mentions that he read an article online about "Ten Things to Say to Your Man." It turns out the article is entitled, "10 Compliments That Wow a Man," but this is beside the point. The point here is that he brings this up so casually I can't help but wonder if he is digging for some compliments. Am I being delinquent or negligent about building him up?? Okay, that's not the point, either. Is there a point? Perhaps this is just rambling. Okay, read on.

He mentions that one of these "Wowing" items is, "Your arms are definitely looking bigger." My jaw dropped and I started to guffaw. Seriously? This is on the list? Then, he reminds me how he woke me up (or maybe I was up, just not quite functional yet) and he asked me if I could tell he had been working out.

Another one was, "Meow." According to my Dearest, this is the one that should be replaced with, "Honey, dinner's on the table" or the even more seductive "We ran out of white flour so I had to use all whole wheat instead."

I feel I must explain just a bit. When my Dearest was in high school, he was training to be a bodybuilder and was very particular about the food that he ate. When he was pursuing a Personal Trainer certification, he became obsessed, or passionate, he would tell you, about the food he ate. To qualify for entry into his mouth and digestive system, his food needed to meet certain criteria: whole grain (not enriched, just plain whole grains), fresh fruits, fresh veggies either raw or lightly steamed, lots of fish, chicken or turkey and the list continues, but I think you get the gist of it.

Along the same lines, we were on a date last month and walking through a bookstore. I was looking for the parenting section and wouldn't you just know it, it's the hardest section to find. Granted, this was a secular bookstore so I wouldn't necessarily expect the parenting section to jump out at me and have bookshelf after bookshelf dedicated to this topic. Or, maybe it's the adage that you can never find what you're looking for. Anyhow, we wandered through the store and came across a huge section, the cookbook section. My Dearest faces me toward the vast section and says, "Now, honey, I don't know where the section for raising girls is, but here's the section for raising boys."

The way to my Dearest's heart (and perhaps my boys' hearts in several years) is definitely through the stomach.

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