Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Not a Perfect Week

It's Tuesday. The morning after. After Monday Night Football, that is. I picked the wrong team to win last night's game. It seems Favre's arm does work well in the cold. He does play for GB, after all. That's a pretty cold city. Plus they play outdoors, not in a dome. He is also the most experienced QB in the league, as well. I guess I should have taken that into consideration before I picked Denver over GB. I assumed that the altitude would be more of an issue than it was. I guess the game day temp being in the high 60s made up for whatever altitude issues they might have encountered.

Nevertheless, I am in the lead for the week, and I have tied scores and rankings with My Dearest. I still say, Game On!


nenners said...

*looks at you in complete shock*

you DARED pick some other team over my beloved Packers???? what WERE you thinking, my dear????

*great big giggle*

never bet against the Pack ;)

Shannon said...

Packers Shmackers, lol.

As long as you are picking the Pats to win over the Colts this Sunday...cause they are going to win by double digits!!!