Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Walking Speeds and "Movement"

I have resolved that I need to start moving regularly. Of course I move from one room to the next, but by move, I mean exercise-types of movements. I haven't exercised in a quite some time and it's time to do something about it!

I used to run track in high school and can remember I used to be able to run 5 miles without being very winded and now... let's not even talk about how far I can walk now! Although, I can still walk quickly, I just need to work on walking longer than through the mall or grocery store.

My friend Monica is tall, about 5'9" or so. I am 5' 5" so for me, anyone over 5' 5" is tall! Anyhow, when I was at the Barry Manilow concert last month (I hear some of you people laughing already!) my friend Monica had trouble keeping up with me. She has had people (and her own family) complain that she walks too quickly and could she please walk slower. It was a treat to find someone who can and enjoys walking quickly.

When My Dearest and I were dating, he had a dream he was chasing after an Asian girl through a mall because I walked so quickly when we met.

Now, all of this changed when my children were born. They surely couldn't learn to walk when I was walking so quickly. Now that my youngest is 6, I can start to walk a bit more quickly.

All of this is to say that I need to start exercising, but I'm going to call it "Moving" and "Movement." Quotes included. Do you want to play along? Join me over at ScrappyMom Movement. I'll be moving my Recipes of the week over there, along with my movement progress. Perhaps we can inspire each other along!

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