Wednesday, December 03, 2008

To Taste

I have always enjoyed cookbooks - reading for fun or education and using them for actual cooking. Some of these recipes I would probably never make (never say never, I know) as I think some are too "gourmet" for me, too simple, or not quite healthy enough for us.

Years ago, I received a fabulous breakfast recipe (Egg Casserole)and shared it with my sister. In the recipe, it calls for pepper and salt to be added to the egg mixture "to taste." (Actually, if you click on the link, I omitted salt and pepper entirely from the recipe. I think the sausage contributes enough salt and pepper can be added at the table to each person's own liking. In the original recipe it called for salt and pepper to be added "to taste.")

My sister commented on the directions and said something like, "How do you add 'to taste' if it is being added to an egg mixture?" In all of my perusing cookbooks, this had never stood out to me.

Now, every time I look at a recipe, I notice funny directions like this. I wonder, "How does one taste seasonings if they are being added to an egg or raw meat mixture?"

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