Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Camping Picture Layouts.. Finally!

It's taken me this long to scrap the pics from our camping trip last month!

Dune pics -

Under the blue flap (top right) is a photo of Isaac crawling on all fours through the dunes and some journaling --

"The Dunes were so much fun! The boys got to the top and quickly became specks on the horizon. Ethan brought his car; Isaac crawled on all 4s...sometimes just for fun! It rained so heavily the night before the dunes became packed down & much easier to walk on... not as "beachy." What a great day! Fun was had by us all. :)"

Beach Pics -

We had so much fun at Lake Michigan! The quote is, "Something wonderful happens when the sky is a heavenly shade of blue." ~Frank Sinatra

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2OutsideTheBox said...

Hey gal! GREAT photos! Love those layouts. Mmmm mmm you put me to shame. Looks like you guys had fun fun fun. Hopefully this will becone a yearly adventure- perhaps wandering a bit further afield to California??? Miss you tons. Big hugs to the boys!