Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mid-July: Camping Trip!

Now, I am a self-declared city-gal; I enjoy my air-conditioning, warm showers, privacy, sleeping on a mattress and most importantly, doors and windows! My Dearest broached the subject of (tent) camping this past winter/spring with fond memories of his camping days. These days were about 2 decades ago, mind you! I thought, "I should be an adventurous mom. I will try almost anything once." This dovetails along with my philosophy that I will do just about anything for my kids and put my own self-consciousness aside. Perhaps a better way to put it would be that my own selfconsciousness shouldn't be a reason for not doing something with my kids.

I had concerns about this new adventure, on which we were going to take our children. I was concerned about drunken people keeping us up all hours of the night (no real walls, remember?) and having a miserable time. I think my Dearest was stuck in we-are-going-camping-mode and found a lovely camp ground Stony Haven Campground.

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