Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Personal Policies Meme

I was tagged by 50 Toes for this meme. Here are some of my Personal Policies, "rules" for our family. Actually, these may be more like my quirks and idiosyncrasies. :-) Here we go!

  1. We always buckle up before we drive. My father worked for a car company and did test research on seat belt usage. When I was growing up, we were one of the few families I knew of that buckled up before seat belt usage was regulated in Michigan.
  2. The toilet paper must be in the holder a certain way. Paper over the top!
  3. After watching a movie on DVD, the Special Features are next. I want to see the interviews, how they made the movie, bloopers, and deleted scenes.
  4. We pray before meals and sometimes, snacks, too. The boys take turns praying at breakfast and lunch (and sometimes they both want to pray for the same meal!), my Dearest usually prays for dinner.
  5. We pray together as a family before bedtime, every night, with or without guests at our home. If we have guests, it's in the boys' room, if not the location varies. After praying, we give hugs and kisses. Every. Night. (Okay, there are exceptions - my date night with my Dearest (then, they do the routine with GramGram or whichever Christian gal we have watching them) or if we get home late and the boys have fallen asleep in the car (late, late nights usually) or if I have a party.)
  6. I cannot fall asleep for the night knowing someone is awake. What is going to happen as my children get older??!
  7. All of the clothes on hangers must face the same way - shirts all "face me" when the hanger hook is on the left. (Leftover from my dry-cleaning job when I was 16.) The only exception is my Dearest's clothes. I leave his hanging-method alone.
  8. All shoes come off when you enter our home. Let's face it - I'm Korean enough that we do this. More on this in another post, perhaps another day.
  9. I shower first thing in the morning. If I don't shower first thing in the morning, I feel like nothing gets done.
  10. In my pantry, my goods are arranged by type - all of my tomato products (diced, sauce, paste, etc) are together. All of the beans are together, soups are together, spices, etc. (Leftover from stocking shelves when I was 15.) It does make grocery lists easier to compile when you can see what you actually need.
  11. My scrapbooking cardstock is arranged alphabetically. Nothing else in my home is alphabetically arranged.
  12. I only use my scrapbooking company's products when I scrapbook or make cards. This way I can show everything I make and not worry about promoting other companies products. If I show it, they will most likely buy it.

So there you have it! Of course, this list isn't all inclusive, it's just the tip of the iceberg of what I wanted to share or could come up with spur of the moment. This meme is open to anyone who reads this blog - leave me a comment so I know you're playing along, too. If you don't blog, please leave me a comment with your Policies.

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