Monday, November 12, 2007

While We Were Out

My Dearest and I went out this past weekend and spent some time with friends from church, as we do monthly, to play Euchre. Participants bring a snack to share and an "entrance fee," a small gift with our favorite Bible verse taped to it.

This past time, everyone brought some Christmas gift-wrapping supply item (wrapping paper, gift bags, Christmas cards, etc.). We play tournament-style, changing partners after each game. After we finish playing, we tally out points and pick our prize from the entrance fees that were brought. We had a fun time and I even placed 2nd out of 8 players; I usually place in the bottom half. YAY me!

When we got home, we had a fun recap of the evening from my m-i-l. I learn so much about our children every time someone else watches them!

Isaac picked up Gram-Gram's water bottle and proclaimed, "Gram-Gram! You need to stop drinking this water right now! It has total carbs!"

I'm trying to be a better steward of my family's health and improving our eating habits. I have always been a foodie, and have been reading labels and apparently, my boys have picked up on my habit. I have tried to tell them that it's not just the words, but the number accompanying the words. That part hasn't stuck yet.

We rarely eat fast-food, but if we do, our fast-food of choice is Wendy's. Another funny moment was Ethan asking Gram-Gram, "Will you take my to McDonald's?" She responds that there is too much fat in their food. He responds with, "But, Gram-Gram, I need you to drive me there so I can put up my sign in their window that says, 'Stop the Fat!'" The funny thing is that he hasn't been exposed to low-fat food, low-carb diets, or protests. He's a one boy protest.

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Shannon said...

I love playing Euchre...and it's been years because no one I know down here knows how to play!

I come from a family of cardplayers and married into a family that does not...and now live in an area where cards are not the 'in' thing, I guess!