Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The One Laptop

Well, it happened! I picked one and am using it as we speak... so to speak.

I ended up with a laptop that has 3 gigs of RAM, a 250 gig hard drive, an AMD Turion 64x2 chip, 2.0 gHz processor, a webcam, a NVIDIA graphics card, 1600 mHz bus and a 17" screen. Woohoo! More power than I need or know what to do with... for now! I'm looking forward to getting over the learning curve of Vista, then look out World!

A friend has asked me to help get her business off the ground but she's moving several states away, so I'm hoping that the web cam will be very handy for us. I just need to figure it out! Aahhh, the learning curve again.

My sister mentioned we could skype as well. So many new gadgets! :-)

Now, I must begin the process of transferring data from the old desktop to the new laptop, along with updating my preferences. Aahhhhh. I could be playing with this new fab toy all day! Oh, I suppose I should make lunch and dinner...and teach my boys... and fold laundry... and play with the boys... and other stuff. I guess I'll have to move in spurts in the Laptop World.

Happily entering the Laptop World after two weeks of researching, test-driving different models and driving sales people nuts by asking them to print up spec sheets for me.

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