Saturday, April 19, 2008


Spring is such a fun time of year! Trees are budding, bulbs start to bloom and grow, and everything comes alive again.

The other fun thing about this time of year is that I start getting my annual "Spring phone calls." We live close to a popular nursery/greenhouse that many people expect to be open. I get phone calls from friends who live a bit farther away, "How are you? How're the children?" A bit of a pause, followed by, "Are they open yet?"

This year I have also received emails, along with the phone calls. I should clarify that I don't mind the phone calls or emails at all. In fact, it's amusing for me and I just count on hearing from these people once or twice a year (later in the summer, they have produce and a farmer's market). I just need to pay attention to this nursery when I drive and am running errands.

There was quite a bit of activity this past week: hi-lo's moving stacks of something for the garden, stacks of soil and/or fertilizer bags shrink-wrapped together and waiting for eager gardeners, employees' cars in the parking lot... BUT the barrels blocking the driveway entrances are still there.

Nope, not open yet.

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nenners said...


and as we verified tonight - i'd THOUGHT about calling and asking you but determined not to! and now i know! and i also know (well, HOPE) that you'll just post on your blog when they open ;) and i'll come say hi too! promise! LOL