Friday, November 14, 2008

One Year at a Time

When we started our homeschooling adventure three years ago, we decided to homeschool one year at a time and by the grace of God.

When we meet new people, they often ask how long we plan to homeschool. Our answer has always been that we'll take it one year at a time, re-evaluating as necessary, as we continue.

This past spring, I tutored a friend, a college gal, in Chemistry. I have fond memories of my high school and college chem classes. The funky, oh-so-stylish goggles, watching and creating reactions, balancing equations, and titrating (my favorite experiment!). We got together every week for about 4 or 5 weeks. I had a blast and enjoyed helping her, even if some of the concepts were a little rusty for me. Overall, it must have helped, as she got a A in the class!

This year, we decided to start a history curriculum. We settled on - The Mystery of History after much discussion, viewing lots of other curricula, and headaches from trying to keep it all straight. Ad plug for my friend who owns Soli Deo Gloria Homeschool and Christian Resource store; she is very knowledgeable about homeschooling curricula. I'm blessed to call her a friend. Go shop at her site and tell her Julia sent you!

We started MoH, Volume 1 Creation to Resurrection this past fall. I realized (during the selection process) that this is a multi-volume, cummulative program. This is not really a stand-alone program. Although I suppose it could be.

Anyhow, my mind started whirring along. By the time we finish the five volumes (two of which have not been written yet!), my oldest will be in 8th or 9th grade. Then, we can whiz along with American Revolution, Civil War, World War I, World War II, and whatever else he would like to study.

The refresher in Chemistry and tutoring my friend was eye-opening and I look forward to teaching my boys Chemistry, then Physics!

Squeal!! (Those would be my brakes.) What happened to homeschooling one year at a time? All of a sudden, I've planned through high school!

Yup, I need to relax and go back to my original plan... taking it one year at a time and by the grace of God alone. I'm still looking forward to high school for my boys, through whatever method we decide to school our children.

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