Saturday, October 04, 2008

Boys: Bumps and Bruises

Quite awhile ago...

When a toddler boy is rushed to the pediatrician's office because the brother of said toddler boy did not notice that said boy's wee hand was holding the door near the hinges, and this brother decides to close the door, it's very little consolation that the pediatrician turns to the mother and says with a sigh, "Well, they are boys. I think we may be seeing more of your family in the near future."

Fast forward a bit in time...

This same boy, aged two now, loses his first tooth, a front tooth no less, by a Lego board, thrown frisbee-style into his mouth by his brother. The mother can only hope that this will be the last time such an event will take place.

Fast forward to present day...

A young elemtary age boy carrying a table top (1.5 ft in diameter) up the stairs decides that it looks an awful lot like a steering wheel and decides to play with it as such. He loses balance and bops himself with the edge of the table top in the mouth, knocking out the other front tooth.


Yes, I am the mother; these are the stories of one of my sons. The first two instances happened years ago. I cannot believe that it was so long ago. I thank God that the boy in the "stories" is healthy and fine today.

After the first two instances and a relatively long lull, I thought we were over such boisterous boyish behavior. I realize now that I must have lost touch with reality when I thought that. I realize the bumps and bruises won't stop any time soon. However, I do hope that I've seen the last of teeth being knocked out.

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